Ways to learn Maths Formulas


Mathematics is the science that deals with the argumentation of shape, arrangement and quantity. Mathematics is all around us, in all the things we do. It is the structuring block for everything in our day to day lives. This includes architecture (modern and ancient), mobile devices, money, art, engineering and sports. However, a few students expressed their dissatisfaction in terms of learning the math formulas. This article is a ready reckoner for all the students who are aspiring to learn the formulas quickly.

Practice – Mathematics is a subject that demands a huge amount of practice. And, that too is one of the primary reasons that the teachers give more amount of homeworks. Teachers do it because they are well aware about the fact that reiteration is one of the most significant factors of learning. Do refer one of the best textbooks like – Class 11 maths NCERT solutions.
Understand the concept – One can absorb, learn and keep it in mind the formulas by comprehending the concepts. Students can either learn by visual and writing aids. They can even learn it by listening and talking. This helps them to remember it for a long period of time.
Stay away from distractions – This is one of the biggest issues faced by the current generation’s students. They might be on internet or continuously listening to the music or chatting with the friends. These are a few factors that distract students. Learn to concentrate on the formulas that you want to learn and absorb. Refer the best recommended textbooks in your free time like – Class 12 maths NCERT solutions.

Hence, the above mentioned points are a few tips and tricks to learn the math formulas.


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