Speech and Language Pathology Travel Jobs


Speech and language pathology (SLP) travel jobs are well-paid career options available in the U.S healthcare industry for both domestic and foreign trained candidates. At present, various SLP job opportunities are available for candidates searching for speech language pathologist, pathology assistant and aide jobs.

Speech-Language Pathology Services-The Nature of the Job Involved

Speech language pathologists offer speech, language and communication services for patients with communication disorders including articulation/phonological disorders, language/learning/literacy disorders, oral-motor disorders, aural habilitation/ tongue thrust, feeding-swallowing problems and pragmatic language/autism spectrum disorders. The speech language pathologists assess, diagnose and develop treatment plans to improve their language skills. The speech-pathologist assistant and aides

o Implement the treatment plan under the close supervision of a certified / licensed speech language pathologist
o Prepare work area and equipment
o Maintain client’s performance
o Perform equipment maintenance

SLP Training and Job Qualification

Speech language pathologists need a Master’s degree in SLP, passing score in the national examination in speech language pathology, and state licensure to practice in the United States. Individuals who would like to work as a pathology assistant must earn either an associate degree or a certification program in SLP. After successful completion of a high school diploma, you can receive on the job training as an aide. Therapy assistants and aides can further their education and training to advance their career.

Greater Career Flexibility – SLP jobs

Numerous healthcare environments such as nursing clinics, residential care units, long term acute care centers, rehab centers and hospitals are offering full time and part time travel job opportunities for pathology professionals. Those who work on contract or short term basis can spend their time traveling between facilities.

These job opportunities carry many benefits such as section 125 cafeteria plan, dental insurance, short term and long term disability insurance, additional state licensure, 401(k) retirement savings plan and lots more.

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