Speech and Language Pathologist Career


Speech language pathology (SLP) is one of the most exciting careers in the United States healthcare industry and a number of job opportunities exist in hospitals, educational institutions, universities and other medical care facilities. With an increase in the number of healthcare firms offering treatments for speech related disorders, speech language pathologists are in great demand.

For starting a career as a speech language pathologist, most states in the US require the candidates to have a master’s degree program in speech language pathology and some states require the candidates to have a valid certification from the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology.

The job description of language pathologists include using written and oral tests along with using special instruments for the accurate determination of the nature and causes of various speech disorders of patients of all age groups. It also involves diagnosing and treating problems associated with swallowing difficulties of patients. Combining the right treatment procedures, pathologists greatly help patients recover their natural speaking ability with good voice, language and communication skills also made possible.

Today, a number of medical staffing placement agencies are operating in the US with services aimed at providing employment for candidates aspiring for a speech and language pathologist career. To grab an SLP job through these agencies, candidates need to register at the website of these recruitment firms and once registered, they are instantly informed of the vacancies arising in their favorite locations. They can also browse the online databases maintained by these firms for job vacancies and can apply online for the same.

With jobs provided in accordance with the qualification and experience of candidates in the field, these recruitment firms greatly help advance the career of SLP candidates. Having tie-ups with major US healthcare providers, these recruitment agencies can help candidates get placements in full time or part time assignments, with temporary and permanent jobs also offered. Attractive salary packages and benefits are provided for candidates, some of which include health and dental insurance, 401 (K) tax savings, professional liability insurance, Section 125 Cafeteria Plan, travel allowance and continuing education.

Thus with the help of the recruitment firms operating in the US, getting a job as a speech language pathologist is not a distant dream for candidates any more. With jobs suiting individual requirements made available, the career of speech language pathologists can progress in a positive way, enabling these professionals to serve mankind better.


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